Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Nixon's the One!

I was going to change the title of this blog after Democrats swept the national elections in 2006 and 2008, but I'm glad I waited! Once again I am Blue in a Red state.

Speaking of Reaction, here's a memory from the summer and fall of '68, when, as a star-struck member of "Youth for Nixon-Agnew" (aka the "Nixon Jugend"), I took home from GOP headquarters in my home town a 45rpm record featuring the Nixon campaign song, sung by the immortal Connie Francis, with music by Moose Charlap and lyrics by Alvin Cooperman. The title was Nixon's slogan that year: "Nixon's the One."

Just to prove that you can't find everything on the Internet, I googled for the lyrics ... but they can't be found. So as a service to you, dear reader ...

... I'm transcribing them here from memory. Amazingly, I remembered the jingle accurately after 42 years. It's actually a cool big-band arrangement.

Stand up!
And let's strike the band up!
Who's lifted this land up?
Yes, Nixon's the one to go with.

Shout it!
The world's gonna to shout it!
There's no doubt about it!
Yes, Nixon's the one to go with.

Remember Dick Nixon.
The man who is fixin'
to lead us to WIN! IN! SIXTY-EIGHT!

Can do,
Americans can do,
with the man who knows how to:
yes, Nixon's the one to go with!
I said that Nixon's the One!

[Good swing band interlude, followed by the previous verses and ending with:]

I said, Dick Nixon!
[Something] Dick Nixon!
Ah yes, Dick Nixon's the One!

On the recording, the "[Something]" sounded like "Would you be Nixon?" But that can't be right.

In a future blog, I'll share how as a Young American for Fascism I made Nixon turn around and do his trademark two-arm victory wave in my direction, and other memories from the Summer (and Fall) of Nixonian Love.


At 9:19 AM, Blogger Gara said...

Just seeing this now, when I checked out your royal wedding post. I recall going to one of these Hitler Youth events with you in Hartford. I still have a bunch of Nixon memorabilia, including a psychedelic bumpersticker "I'm for Milhous" and the surely unauthorized: "Re-Elect Nixon in '72, Don't Change Dicks in the Middle of a Screw."


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